01 Feb 2019
Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding – How to Keep it Clean

One of the main concerns that I hear about from homeowners is how to upkeep and maintain their beautiful homes.Vinyl siding In this installment of our DIY section I want to cover some basics “do’s” and “don’ts” on how to clean vinyl siding. Keeping the exterior of your home looking good will exemplify the aesthetic appeal of your property and the natural beauty of your yard.

Pressure Washers

The most obvious way to clean vinyl siding is the pressure washer. While this is the conventional wisdom there are actually manufacturers who do not recommend using this method. Or if they do recommend it, they normally also recommend a specific pressure setting. Before using this equipment, make sure to do your due diligence on what the manufacturer recommends.

Tips for Pressure Washers to clean vinyl siding

  • Always spray at eye level – this will prevent you from angling up and getting water behind your siding
  • Use a lower setting in combination with a cleaner
  • Safety first – use eye protection


Vinyl Siding Cleaners

With the durability of vinyl siding it can be easy tot justify using any cleaner you can find. Unfortunately, this can lead to long lasting damage to your home so here are three of the basic cleaners you can use on your vinyl siding without harming it. In addition to these cleaners make sure to use a soft bristle brush and rinse often with your everyday garden hose.Vinyl Siding

  1. Simple Green – this is formulated to be used on vinyl siding and other materials that can be damaged by certain chemicals.
  2. Solution of 70% water, and 30% white vinegar. This can be used as a light all purpose cleaner that can remove light mold and mildew
  3. Eco-friendly option – If you are worried about your landscaping that is right next to your siding try this solution: 1 Gallon water + 1 Cup oxygen bleach


The recommendation for your vinyl siding is that you clean it at least one time per year. This will keep it looking fresh and extend the longevity of the siding itself. If you happen to be near a construction zone, then it is recommended to clean your vinyl siding more often. If you have a way to clean your vinyl siding that we don’t have above leave a comment so everyone can see!  

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