03 Jul 2018
Seward Park

Seward Park – A Beautiful Adventure

There is something calming about a park surrounded by an abundance of city life. It’s as if every stress, worry, and issue in your life disappears the second you set foot on the trails that lead you towards the heart of that little evergreen kingdom. Of course, it’s not necessary for you to feel overwhelmed in order to go to the park, but if you are, the park definitely has a healing power to it. With that being said, I had the privilege of visiting a little park on the edge of Southwest Seattle overlooking Mercer Island and Lake Washington. This park is called Seward Park and is one of my favorites that I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting.

When arriving at Seward Park, the main path is right next to a bicycle rack. Of course this bicycle rack has bikes on it, but not just any bikes. This bicycle rack is full of Lime Bikes, a bike share startup company, which was great for me as it meant a faster means of transportation. I grabbed a Lime Bike, put the drone in the basket, and hit the path to find the hidden beauty that is Seward Park.


In 1911, the city of Seattle bought Bailey Peninsula for $322,000. It was named after William H. Seward, former United States Secretary of State. At the entrance of the park there is a monument placed in a wooden garden. This taiko-gata stone lantern was given to the City of Seattle in 1930 by the City of Yokohama, Japan. It was a sign of gratitude for Seattle’s assistance to Yokohama after the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake. Another hidden gem of Seward Park is the wildlife. Peruvian Conures (parrots) were released to the wild by their owners and have multiplied and can now be seen flying around the park. Seward Park is also home to two Bald Eagles.

Below is some video I was able to capture during my visit. This was one of my favorite places to film and I hope you enjoy!

If you have any suggestions of areas I should feature next, leave them below in the comments!


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