28 Nov 2018
Seattle photography

Seattle Photography

We live in an age where the quality of pictures that we post online is very important. Whether you are an influencer online, own a business, or just want high quality photos for your personal social media/ photo album, you need places that will provide quality backdrops. I have collected six of my favorite places in Seattle for the perfect photo op. They aren’t in any specific order as they all offer their own unique qualities and characteristics.

These places all have their own mixtures of:

  • Coastline
  • Beautiful trees
  • City skylines
  • Water
  • Beautiful evening shots
  • etc.

These are some of the best places I could find for Seattle photography. I hope you enjoy!

Pu Pu Point – Issaquah

Pu Pu Point provides one of the best views available of Lake Sammamish and the surrounding areas. Due to the height of this hill, it is also a well-known jumping spot for paragliders, which makes for a cool and colorful backdrop.

Kerry Park – SeattleSeattle photography

This is a park with an absolutely amazing view. This is the area where the famous image of downtown Seattle was made into a post card. This park provides a view of Elliot Bay, the Central City, and sometimes Mount Rainier. This is an amazing view around sunset when the lights are visible with the darkening evening sky and ferries are traveling across the water. It is said that it looks something like a scene from a fantasy at night. This is an area where Seattle photography is truly at its roots.

The Quad at the University of Washington – SeattleSeattle photography

This is one of the most unique spots that Seattle photography has to offer. Visiting the Quad on the University of Washington Seattle campus in early spring offers an abundance of blooming cherry trees, creating a scene unlike many others. These trees are beautiful and are well cared for. Taking advantage of this spot for your next photo is a must.

Ella Bailey Park – Seattle

Ella Bailey Park is another great park for a scenic shot. The views provided by this park include the city skyline, Mt. Rainier, and the Puget sound. The view includes the greenery of Queen Anne Hill which makes for a unique touch in photos. There is also a playground located at this park for the little ones. This park should definitely be a priority on your list and is one of our favorites in our list of areas for Seattle photography.

Golden Gardens Park – Seattle

Offering amazing views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, this park also offers areas for activities with photo opportunities along the way. You can take a stroll around the coastline, hike through the forest, and even go fishing if you’d like. This park even has some beautiful trees for the perfect fall photo op!

Pike Place Market – SeattleSeattle photography

This iconic place is recognized all over the world. A beautiful mixture of old and new style buildings with unique characteristics. The neon signs also provide an awesome effect after dark. The stone ground and light reflected off of the street at night from the lights makes for a one of a kind photo op.




Per usual, if you know of any other places that are great for photos in Seattle, please comment them below! We would love to hear from you guys!

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(The featured image used of Pikes Place Market was taken by a very talented photographer named Corey Thompson. You can view all of his work here.)

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