02 Jan 2019

Seattle Boat Share

Living in Seattle has countless number of benefits but one of the most underrated is the boating scene. With Lake Washington, Union Lake, Lake Sammamish and the Puget Sound all within shouting distance almost, the draw of owning and enjoying a boat becomes pretty strong. Luckily for those who want the benefits of owning a boat but not the hassle, Seattle boat share options might be perfect.


Seattle boat share is like Uber, but for boats. There are a few differences of course but being able to use a boat when you want without having to buy one is a pretty cool system. Below are the three main things to research before becoming a part of the boat share world.


Seattle boat share options will most likely include some type of membership. Looking around at the membership options you will find options from the $200 range all the way up to around $700 for an all inclusive boating package.  Keep in mind when shopping around that these memberships prices may also include extra perks. Some memberships will not include some hidden expenses as well. It is always best to reach out to the boat share company you are interested in prior to buying to make sure you understand the full scope of the membership and what it includes.


Unlike a ride share program like Uber or Lyft, where there are plenty of drivers around to be at the ready almost anytime, Seattle boat share programs operate more like a golf course. Just like golf, there are set locations for the boat share programs. Knowing where the program has its fleet is a pretty important part of the process. Now that you know where the boats are, you need to check the reservation calendar. Each boat can only be used if a reservation has been made.

This leads to a limitation if you are trying to plan a last-minute boating trip during a busy weekend. Chances are you will not be able to get on the calendar for your fun on the water. Understanding the reservation system and planning your trips well enough in advance will combat this issue. Just always keep in mind, a small fleet, with limited locations may not be the best option because of the difficulty of getting a reservation.


Before deciding to go all in on a Seattle boat share option, spend some time looking into some of the requirements to participate and operate one of the boats. One of the easiest ways to find any additional requirements is to look at the FAQ section of the company you are interested. Here you can find answers to the following questions:

  • Do I need a boaters License?
  • Am I authorized to operate the boat?
  • Is there and age requirement?
  • Can boats be kept overnight?
  • Can boats go through the locks?

Knowing exactly what you need is important to avoid the first boat trip from being cancelled last minute.


Overall this is a great option for some family fun in sun, without the hassle that comes with boat ownership. If you’ve decided that this doesn’t seem like a great fit for you and your lifestyle check out some of these secret hidden gems around the Seattle area.

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