06 Aug 2018
redmond watershed preserve

Inside the Forest – Redmond Watershed Preserve

A few weeks ago, I was in Seattle on business and was able to venture out to record another featured area for our blog. I had never heard of the Redmond Watershed Preserve before and was pointed that way by a colleague, and boy am I happy they brought this gem up. Not only is this an amazing, wildlife filled park, it also has its own unique lighting due to the trees. As you will seeredmond watershed preserve below in the footage I captured, the lighting made for a beautiful, cinematic looking landscape. Through the enormous, breathtaking trees, you can see little ponds and creeks mixed with hillsides and wildlife all through out the tree and shrub covered landscape. This park is definitely one to add to your list of adventures.

Some history about the Redmond Watershed Preserve

92 years ago, the city of Redmond purchased some land that was later known as the Redmond Watershed Preserve. The intended purpose of this land was to use Seidel Creek as a water supply. Unfortunately, there were some unforeseen water quality issues leading them to using other water sources. Now, this beautifully wooded area is mainly a nature preserve. The land is managed with a focus on protecting the habitats and wildlife within the park.

This area was one of my favorites to film. Not only was it filled with wildlife, it has a silence to it that wasn’t polluted with man made noises and mechanics (one of my favorite things about parks in the urban setting of Seattle and surrounding areas). It almost felt like another world while inside the thick of the forest. I would highly recommend a visit to the Redmond Watershed Preserve if you are in the area. Enjoy the video below!


If you have any suggestions of parks or areas for me to hit on my next trip, please leave them in the comments below! 🙂

Ps – Watch in HD for best quality!


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