22 Jun 2018
how to repel mosquitoes

Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year. Summer means lake days, boating, camping, outside dinners, festivals, finally getting those trees trimmed up, and much more. It also means mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can ruin any event. Learning how to repel mosquitoes could make the difference for you and your guests between a good time and a bad time. Below, I have put together a list of things you can do, some involve applying products to your skin, some are things to do around your yard and some you eat but the one thing all of these have in common: they fight off mosquitoes. Take your summer back and learn how to repel mosquitoes with these simple tips.

Repelling Mosquitoes:

  • Catnip – plant catnip around your yard. The main active ingredient, nepetalactone, is 10 times stronger than DEET and is non-toxic.how to repel mosquitoes
  • Mosquito Incense – Mosquito incense put off strong aromas that irritate the mosquitoes and can be very effective at keeping them out of your back yard.
  • Eating Garlic – Eating garlic repels mosquitoes from the scent on your breath. It also causes you to emit sulfur compounds through your skin which repels them as well. It is said to work better if you rub garlic scented lotion on your skin but I wouldn’t advise this for your company’s sake.
  • Natural oils – Oils like Lemon Eucalyptus, cinnamon oil, and lavender oil are all good at repelling mosquitoes. The strong scents of these oils push them away and cinnamon oil is known to kill their eggs as well.
  • Mosquito repellent candles – Repellent candles are known to work very well while they last. They are also cheap to buy. This is a cheap and effective route.
  • Soap in a dish – A few squirts of soap in a small dish/saucer is said to be very effective at keeping mosquitoes away as well.