07 Nov 2018
fishing in seattle

Fishing in Seattle

Whether you want to take the kids on a quick fishing trip or cast the line on your own, these spots should all be on your list to visit. It’s the perfect balance of places for you and your family to visitfishing in seattle for a little fishing in Seattle. To the right is a list with all of these locations and their addresses (should get you in the vicinity). Good luck out there!

Gold Creek Trout Farm – Woodinville

This is a perfect area to go with family, especially if you don’t have the equipment as they provide it all for you. There are some rules to follow so make sure you read up on them on their site. This is a perfect day fishing spot. You do not need a license to fish here since this is private property.

Green Lake Park – Seattle

This urban fishery is known as one of the best fisheries in Western Washington. It has plenty of rainbow trout and brown trout year-round. You can also catch Common Carp, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Brown Bullhead, and Pumpkinseed Sunfish. There are fishing piers located at the south, east and northeast shores as well as shoreline surrounding the entire park which makes it wonderful for finding a good spot to cast. Click here to find out which fish are available during which months.

Old Fishing Hole Pond – Kent

This is a perfect lake to take your kids to for their first-time fishing. It includes a loop trail of .25 miles around the pond. Fishing here is only for youth up to and including 14-year old’s with adult fishing prohibited, so perfect for the little ones’ first time.

Seacrest Park – West Seattle

Located on Harbor Avenue right next to Don Armeni Boat Ramp, you will find Seacrest Pier. This is a beautiful pier overlooking the Puget Sound. You will find lots of spiny dogfish and starry flounders. The West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club holds their annual Kids’ Fishing Pond event here in June for kids 14 and under, allowing great practice and a fun time for the young ones and adults alike.

Belvoir Place – Seattle

This is a great spot for beginner fishers. It’s a small waterfront park located at 42nd Avenue NE near Surber Drive NE in Laurelhurst. This place is absolutely beautiful in the summertime and is a magnet for kayaking, canoeing and swimming. The only thing needed here is a dock rebuild as it is worn from years of use.


Don’t forget, if you are looking for places to adventure with your furry friends, we have compiled a list of great dog friendly parks as well!


If we missed any good spots or there are any secret spots you know of let us know in the comments! 🙂



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