02 Jan 2019

Seattle Boat Share Living in Seattle has countless number of benefits but one of the most underrated is the boating scene. With Lake Washington, Union Lake, Lake Sammamish and the Puget Sound all within shouting distance almost, the draw of owning and enjoying a boat becomes pretty strong. Luckily for those who want the benefits […]

19 Jul 2018
seattle dog parks

Seattle Dog Parks   Seattle is an interesting place. From the heart of Seattle, you see a beautiful, bustling city with all kinds of character. Beautiful neighborhoods and green trees can be found throughout the city. Parks can be found in the city as well as surrounding it. This is what sets Seattle apart from […]

21 May 2018
secret things to do in Seattle

Secret Things to do in Seattle If you have ever been to Seattle then you know that there are plenty of things to do. The city offers everything from events downtown to hiking scenic trails to swimming all with in 30-60 minutes of each other. Just because you have been there before though or maybe […]