19 Jul 2018
seattle dog parks

Seattle Dog Parks


Seattle is an interesting place. From the heart of Seattle, you see a beautiful, bustling city with all kinds of character. Beautiful neighborhoods and green trees can be found throughout the city. Parks can be found in the city as well as surrounding it. This is what sets Seattle apart from the rest. With Seattle getting so crowded, it can be hard to find a place to bring your furry friends for a little exercise. I have compiled a list of 5 Seattle dog parks below that are great for you and your furry friend’s adventures.


Marymoore Parkseattle dog parks

Located in Redmond, this park is 40 acres and has tons of land for your dogs to explore. Marymoore Park offers fields, woods and a river with well maintained access beaches, paths, walkways and bridges. I visited this park a few months back and it was beautiful. Among the paths I was exploring, I found access points to the water as well as a beautiful bridge with green covering it in a tunnel shape. I highly recommend this one for you and your dogs. Another thing I highly recommend is preparing for mosquitoes as they were quite the nuisance when I was there.


Magnuson Dog Parkseattle dog parks

Magnuson Dog Park has the biggest off-leash area out of all Seattle dog parks within city limits. It is also the only park in the city with waterfront access. There are a lot of flat areas for playing catch and roaming around as well as a trail that leads to Lake Washington. Magnuson also features a small and shy dog area too!


Dr. Jose Rizal Dog Parkseattle dog parks

Located on Beacon Hill, this park offers some amazing views of the Puget Sound and Seattle. Along with the views, this park also gives you a feeling of being above the city which is unique to this specific park. There are off-leash areas that are both fenced and unfenced for those who want a more confined area for their dogs to play.

Golden Gardens Parkseattle dog parks

Said to be one of the most beautiful parks in Seattle, Golden Gardens Park is an 87-acre park located in Ballard and situated on the Puget Sound. Not only are there great views of the Puget Sound, but you can also see the Olympic Mountains. This park has some beautiful greenery with well kept trees and plants (if going here inspires you to get your trees or shrubs looked at, click here). Above this park is an off-leash dog area which can be found by looking at this map.

Westcrest Parkseattle dog parks

Located on a hill above and west of Boeing Field in southwest Seattle, Westcrest Park is an 8.4-acre park featuring everything you need for an adventure on a hot day with your furry friend. This park has open spaces for catch, paths, a doggie drinking fountain, shade, and trees. There are benches and chairs in the shade to relax on. There is also a special area for small and shy dogs on the southwest side of the main off-leash area. Some more features include parking, running water and restrooms nearby.


We would love to hear from you!! If there are any parks I missed that you love, please comment them below for our readers to see! Also, any pics of your dogs enjoying these parks are very much encouraged as well 🙂