01 Feb 2019
Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding – How to Keep it Clean One of the main concerns that I hear about from homeowners is how to upkeep and maintain their beautiful homes. In this installment of our DIY section I want to cover some basics “do’s” and “don’ts” on how to clean vinyl siding. Keeping the exterior of your […]

02 Jan 2019

Seattle Boat Share Living in Seattle has countless number of benefits but one of the most underrated is the boating scene. With Lake Washington, Union Lake, Lake Sammamish and the Puget Sound all within shouting distance almost, the draw of owning and enjoying a boat becomes pretty strong. Luckily for those who want the benefits […]

26 Oct 2018
Marymoor Dog Park

Marymoor Park If you’ve ever dreamt of a place that is fun for both you and your furry friends, look no further. This month’s featured area earned the first-place position on our Seattle Dog Parks segment a few months back and is well worth the write up. Marymoor Dog Park is a dream come true […]

06 Aug 2018
redmond watershed preserve

Inside the Forest – Redmond Watershed Preserve A few weeks ago, I was in Seattle on business and was able to venture out to record another featured area for our blog. I had never heard of the Redmond Watershed Preserve before and was pointed that way by a colleague, and boy am I happy they […]

19 Jul 2018
seattle dog parks

Seattle Dog Parks   Seattle is an interesting place. From the heart of Seattle, you see a beautiful, bustling city with all kinds of character. Beautiful neighborhoods and green trees can be found throughout the city. Parks can be found in the city as well as surrounding it. This is what sets Seattle apart from […]

03 Jul 2018
Seward Park

Seward Park – A Beautiful Adventure There is something calming about a park surrounded by an abundance of city life. It’s as if every stress, worry, and issue in your life disappears the second you set foot on the trails that lead you towards the heart of that little evergreen kingdom. Of course, it’s not […]

22 Jun 2018
how to repel mosquitoes

Summer time is one of my favorite times of the year. Summer means lake days, boating, camping, outside dinners, festivals, finally getting those trees trimmed up, and much more. It also means mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can ruin any event. Learning how to repel mosquitoes could make the difference for you and your guests between a good […]