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Professional Arborists

We have staff who are members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This is our livelihood, our careers depend on our expertise gained as we train and prepare for the day we help you.

Whether you planted trees yourself or take pride in the beauty and shade they provide, remember your entire landscape needs to be taken care of by professionals. Ever-Green’s professionals are available for your needs and have the answers to your questions. Anything else could leave you out on a limb.

For a list of ISA Certified Arborists on staff please click here.

Our Services

The tops of trees can act as a wind trap in strong wind conditions. As a precautionary measure we have use tree climbers to climb high into your trees and strategically remove branches.

Removal of the inner growth of foliage from your trees. Leaves and needles that are inside of the canopy do not produce as much photosynthesis as leaves.

Balancing your trees makes them
more appealing to the eye and also
keeps their weight dispersed evenly
for storm safety.

Remove branches from your trees that are no longer living. This allows a solid barrier of bark to protect your trees against dry rot, insect infestation, fire hazard and diseases.
You and your family's safety is our number one priority


Jordan1968 "Two weeks ago we hired salesman John... Two weeks ago we hired salesman John with Ever-Green Tree Care to clean up several trees on our 20 acre Woodinville property. The experience was absolutely flawless! They showed up on time with proper uniform and impressive equipment. The crew was very polite and friendly. They diligently worked across our property like a small army and when they were done it was all swept and cleaned better than before. They did everything they said


"Dear Ever-Green Staff, On March 21, an arborist and and an expert tree-pruning crew performed the significant task of cutting approximately 12 limbs from the pine tree in the front of my house. This tree is in the center of our neighborhood community. It truly anchors the whole community of 28 houses. I love the tree and have not been willing to cut it back, until I had a discussion with the arborist. During our first meeting his comments were from both from a design and a tree-health perspe


Your Safety is our main concern as trees can pose certain risk to you, your family and your home as they grow and mature. Ever-Green is trained in hazardous pruning and removal as well as proper techniques in equipment operation. All our vendor crews undergo regular inspections and training meetings. Don’t be surprised if you see us inspecting and training our crew while on your property.

Ever-Green Tree Care Inc. maintains a 24 hour voicemail line 800-684-8733 and email info@evergreentlc.com reserved for safety related issues which customers, employees, and managers can share with the Company to effectively maintain our safety processes.


With Ever-Green you are certain that you will receive a job well
done. With only qualified arborists on staff you can be secure in the
fact that professionals are taking care of your trees and shrubs.


Not only does having your trees properly pruned and shrubbery trimmed add beauty to your property, it also adds value. If you are selling or buying a home, a well maintained and safe property may be the deciding factor for the buyer.

Customer Service

Ever-Green maintains a customer service email address as a
back-up to our main service line 800-684-8733, just in case you
have an issue that needs special attention. That email address is
info@evergreentlc.com. We look forward to serving you and
hearing from you.


About Ever-Green Tree Care Inc.

Utilizing techniques such as Crown Thinning, Centering, Balancing, Deadwood Removal; Ever-Green Tree Care Inc. is proud to be the Northwest’s largest tree preservation company. We offer multiple services with offices throughout Washington State. We take pride in our work and concentrate on all aspects of our services including the health and well-being of your trees, increasing property value, and maintaining excellent customer service.