Curb Appeal

Overgrown trees and over mature landscaping can give a home an impression of being neglected. Removal of less (desirable) trees and shrubs, deadwood removal and raising the canopy of the tree can be utilized to bring out the best in your landscaping.

Meet with an Ever-Green Tree Consultant to give you vision on how to optimize the Curb Appeal of your home

Hazard Reduction

Protection of structures and highly occupied areas such as kitchens, family rooms, master bedrooms and children’s bedrooms is imperative. Increased air-circulation in large trees reduces wind drag in high wind conditions.

Large Evergreen or Deciduous Trees.

A properly cared for large hardwood tree or large deciduous trees can be a magnificent focal point of a home. A tree technician’s understanding of architectural pruning principles along with the health thresholds of the tree is critical to the project’s success.

View Enhancement

Preserving or enhancing views can be of extreme importance to property value. Because of the subjective nature and the involvement of multiple parties, view preservation & enhancement work requires precise execution. Slope Stabilization, Aesthetics, Tree Health and Municipal Code Adherence should all be considered in creating a Win-Win for all parties involved.